Self assessment

Self Assessment is now firmly established in the business world, having been around for some 20 years, but with its various complexities, understandably, many people struggle with the mechanics of the system. We provide a comprehensive personal tax compliance service saving time and worry in ensuring our clients’ tax affairs are up to date.

Strict deadlines are now in place, not only for the filing of your tax return, but also for payment of your liability, and we can help manage the process on a yearly basis. Our Personal Tax Team have over 40 years’ combined experience assisting you in optimising your tax position and avoiding penalties. The computations are explained to clients, outlining the nature of the liability or refund, and once we are in agreement, the return is filed directly by us on-line to HMRC.

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HMRC are currently reviewing the entire Self Assessment system, with digital reporting to be introduced for taxpayers in the near future.

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